Just For The Record


YEAR ENDS – this includes all work related to financial statement preparation, T2 Corporation preparation and filing, T3/T4/T5 and other election preparation and filing, as well as valuations, and sub-contracting related to preparation of year ends by other accountants. This also include personal income tax preparation of the owners or shareholders of the businesses that year ends were performed, as well as financial remuneration calculations and financial planning.

The year end work is by far the most lucrative because it takes more time to prepare and there are usually no stops and starts. Working 15 hours on one corporate client can be done in 2 days where, 15 hours of personal income tax work takes much longer … printing, assembling, meeting clients, filing time, and going over subsequent assessments and reviews. You can’t meet everybody ‘on their way home from work’ when it’s convenient for them.


MONTHLIES – this includes monthly accounting, GST and PST and Payroll Deduction calculations, consulting and systems analysis and training, and other ongoing matters. Most monthly accounting turns into year end accounting, but I keep and bill the year end work separately as year end work.

The monthly accounting work is by far the most regular, because it is recurring work. Often, it also helps with the cash flow budgeting expenses. The only problem is that most monthly clients need to be done by the end of the month, and the clients don’t get all the stuff until the middle or latter part of the month – yet have it all ready for me. Usually the last week of every month is almost worst than tax season time-wise. A few monthly clients prefer to supply me the information quarterly, although I do 3 monthlies each time. This always adds to the stress and time management when GST is due at the end of the month and I receive 3 months on the 28th or something like that.


INCOME TAXES – this represents personal tax clients that I only prepare income tax returns on an annual basis, although may include subsequent reviews, planning and going over assessment notices or filing T1-Adj amendments.

Without scientific proof or accounting reconciliation, I feel that the income tax portion of my business represents more than 75% of my offline software and office expenses during the year, and about 65% of my time keeping up with research, meetings, and my own professional development (if any) as I do work on my own and I have to keep current and updated.


I’m cannot be sure what people think of me. I know that I would like to think that when people see my caricature head or read my comments signed as either “PetLvr” or “HART (1-800-HART)” .. that my words are respected and believable. I use my caricature everywhere and am trying to brand this HART-Empire Network with my face. I want people that come to one of my sites – whether they know me or not – recognize the brand and “trust their HART” that the information will be accurate and helpful.

I truly want to help. I’m not the type of person that signs up in a forum just to leave my signature and links, and ask questions. I’m the type of guy that first browses all categories to see what my experience and knowledge can actually help a person in need, and respond to those asking for help. Everybody was a “newbie” once in their lives. I hope people perceives me to be a useful member of their community, and that I tend to go out of my way to chat and be friendly and offer my 2cents and be helpul, if I could.


I am looking for clients that can provide me recaps or posting sheet summaries of their transactions during the month (cheques issued, sales, etc) and provide periodic lists of balances (month-end receivable list, payables list, etc) and fax to me – or email as an attachment – the occasional documents (bank statements, etc) that I need. Documents may be sent via mail, parcel post or other means to me. With the advent of technology, I am also looking for clients wanting to move their accounting system into the cloud, preferably to Quickbooks Online and where I can participate in either a hands-on do or review position and advisement.

For Canadian companies, I will prepare monthly financial statements and mail them to you each month (returning any documents that you may have provided me). There may be other services you need, or do not need, but if you need to file corporation income tax returns – I will do that, in addition to any personal tax planning issues that may be required. I could also just prepare these monthly statements as an alternative to hiring a part-time or full-time bookkeeper, and provide to your own accountant unadjusted figures at the end of the year so he/she can finalize your year end and income tax requirements.

For USA companies, I am only offering monthly financial statement preparation and not offering income tax preparation. I would provide to your own CPA or tax accountant the unadjusted figures at the end of the year so he/she can finalize your year end and income tax requirements. I will not prepare or offer any USA income tax advice.

If this type of thing interests you – please contact me .. hart (at) HBSMC (dot) com .. with your needs …

Meanwhile .. What About HART?

Sometimes, I feel like my life is an internet MEME, so for my “About Page” I have decided to do this in the following format:

100 Things You Didn’t Know About HART – The Immensely Abbreviated Version – in Chronological Order

1) 1963 – I was born July 11th (7/11) and drink a lot of coffee.

2) 1976 – I was just 13 years old and became a country bumpkin.

3) 1977 – The Apple II computer was invented and the life of a teenager doing the bookkeeping for all of the family businesses by hand – I need a computer!

4) 1979 – I finally got the Apple II+ and computerized my mom’s business. Also learned there were neat things like Strip Poker games.

5) 1970/1980’s – I was, am and will always be a keyboard player and musician. it’s been hard but, I rarely even bother to set it up and jam anymore. Sad, but another story and moving on! Music is my life.

6) 1980’s – I was a career student, with lots of experience and education, but to this date, I am NOT a Chartered Accountant, nor do I have any university degrees.

7) 1985 – I began to work in PUBLIC PRACTICE along side my father, AARON SINGER, Chartered Accountant (C.A.), as an accounting technician between Summer 1985 and June 30, 1989

8) 1990’s – Self Education by attending Comdex and Electronic shows as well as Computer software and hardware shows whenever I can.

9) 1992 – Went back to work with my father’s firm, on a consulting basis to help train accounting technicians, and became their network and computer guy.

10) Tax Season 1994 – Took some more advanced taxation courses. Wanted to be the Tax guy too!

11) Fall 1994 – A computer show I was attending got nixed. This had a profound effect on me. I became the “Software” and “Systems Consulting” guy from thereafter.

12) Winter 1994/1995 – I took a greater role in managing my father’s client base and dealing with the clients and maintaining client satisfaction while he was turning into a snowbird.

13) 1995 – Welcome to the internet, which users was growing at an exponential rate. I feel I was almost there in the beginning.

14) Summer 1995 – I was a fake Beta Tester for Win95 that didn’t contribute anything to its development, so don’t blame me!

15) Rest of 1995 – Broke free from Compuserve and actually signed up with a local internet service provider (ISP) and started creating websites online!

16) 1996 – Met people on the internet, flew across the ocean to London Uk and Stockholm Sweden.

17) 1997 – Poor from my European vacation and grounded playing on the internet in my home .. hey! I met my future wife online!

18) 1998 – I officially started to bank my hours worked over and above regular time in hopes to eventually join in the partnership and partner profit sharing.

19) 2000’s – On the eve of Y2K, my father suffered several minor strokes. Add broken hip .. I was left to manage his business more and more and retirement was inevitable.

20) 2002 – Got married on August 31, 2002 in a medieval theme styled wedding and even devoted an entire website to that!

21) March 2003 – My father finally retired. Everything that I have been working for, since 1998 with my “Banked Hours” was lost. For VERY personal reasons I officially left Public Practice for good and began to work full time under my own business name HBS Management Consultants.

22) 2004 – Eh? My pet sites were getting more internet traffic than my business websites. With inventory in my basement it started to get me thinking.

23) 2005 – The HART-Empire Network was born (the online version of activies for HBS Management Consultants, a proprietorship of Hartley B. Singer). 75% of my time is now spent on the offline (1800HART) and accounting business, and while the other 75% of my time is spent on my online (HART-Empire) activities! Yep. Sleep is overrated.

24) 2006/2007/2008 – “Upsize” the online – but at what cost?

25) 2009 – “Downsized” the online – After preparing a pro-forma and budget, I figured it would just cost too much to make it worthwhile for me, and with too much risk.

26) 2010 – My father passed away on Christmas morning December 25, 2010 after he declined to continue with the Dialysis he was obtaining, since early May. due to diabetes related health issues.

27) 2011 – “Resize” the offline and online – I was seeing a shift online from the types of content being propagated. Instead of working 75% of my time on the offline work, and 75% of my other time on the online work .. I would just work at the “Anything” that was making the most money – 100% of the time.

28) 2013/2014 – On January 7, 2013 I slipped on ice and the back of my head hit cement and I received a brain trauma injury that caused me to have Fourth Nerve Palsy. Basically, that’s a condition where the oblique muscles and nerve endings that wrap around your head and attach to your eyes that make your eyes move in the same direction broke – causing me to have double vision. I was also diagnosed with Diabetes and sometimes the cure is just as bad as the disease.

29) In January 2015 Hartley B. Singer was selected by Intuit Canada as 1 of 9 members for Intuit’s 2015 Canadian Accountant Council!

30) 2016 – The future looks promising, although HART probably should learn to count better.

/// PS – There is a also: 100 Things You Didn’t Know About HART – The Hugely Inappropriate Extended Version – in Chronological Order if bored and curious.