Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Greetings and Salutations!

Welcome to 1800HART.com. You might recognize me, Hartley B. Singer (aka HART aka 1800HART) from Facebook as the guy with the green hair since July 18, 2007. In real life, I probably look more like this:


Why, I even recall driving on vacation in South Dakota and saw a likeness of myself in the horizon:


Here is my resume and timeline in point form:

  • 1985:1989 – Employee, Accounting Technician – Singer Lazer + Grant, Chartered Accountants
  • 1989:1992 – Owner, Controller – STI Merchandising Corporation
  • 1991:Present – Proprietor – HBS Management Consultants
  • 1992:1994 – Subcontract, Accounting Technician, Network Administrator, Efile Co-ordinator, Office Manager – Singer & Johnson, Chartered Accountants
  • 1994:1999 – Subcontract, Accounting Technician, Network Administrator, Efile Co-ordinator, Office Manager – Singer Johnson Sasley, Chartered Accountants
  • 1999:2003 – Subcontract, Accounting Technician, Network Administrator, Efile Co-ordinator, Office Manager – Singer Johnson, Chartered Accountants
  • 2003:Present – Proprietor, “1800HART”, HBS Management Consultants – Self-Employed, online and offline activities
  • 2005:Present – HART-Empire Network, online activities
  • What I do

    I specialize in accounting systems in computerized environments. I have developed comprehensive internal information systems and have worked with hundreds of businesses in a microcomputer environment with a focus on the bottom line improvements to the organizations involved.

    My experience includes 16 years working in Chartered Accountancy firms, between 1985 and 2003, with responsibilities including the preparation of operational management reports, audit work, tax planning and assistance with the set-up, implementation and review of client’s books. I have been involved with family businesses all my life, first as the general bookkeeper learning all the software and familiarizing with all the hardware growing up since 1976, then as a Controller and partner with my two brothers in a merchandising company, and then finally on my own proprietorship operating under the brands 1800HART, PetLvr, PapillonLvr, HART-Empire Network, and HARTmarket since 2003. Each represents and helped mold my vast experience in almost all aspects of business and internet and marketing, and is contained in my business called HBS Management Consultants.

    I have an in-depth knowledge of many off-the-shelf software programs for accounting, spreadsheets, word processors, and databases, as well as familiarity with networking and programming. My accounting knowledge is what makes my training abilities and advice much greater than strictly being a computer or accounting “technician”, as I will help to assure that proper systems of control are in place. I can prepare and file all types of personal and corporation tax returns and can help you be compliant. I can prepare and publish Notice to Reader Compilation Engagements. I am not a Chartered Accountant, nor do I have any degrees.

    In January 2015 I was selected by Intuit Canada as 1 of 9 members for the 2015 Canadian Accountant Council. I am experienced and familiar with many accounting software programs and app, but for offline tend to prefer my “own” accounting software for client write-ups and for online “cloud” accounting prefer to use Quickbooks Online (QBO) as my go-to software. Moving forward in 2016 I hope to encourage my existing clients to convert to an online “cloud-based” accounting software, and hope to engage with new clients with the same emotional and business attitudes that I tend to enjoy!

    I consider HBSMC.com to be my business card blog, and 1800HART.com to be my accounting and “blogging” blog. If you are interested in various videos and accounting income tax news, I also have a third accounting related site ABITPAC.com. Basically, my brand is 1800HART, my business HBS Management Consultants, and all of it represents ABITPAC, which stands for “A”ccounting “B”ookkeeping “I”ncome “T”ax “P”reparation “A”nd “C”onsulting

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send me a note via my Contact form here, or anywhere on the internet from the icons down below in the footer – HART follows!