HART’s Awesome List of WordPress Plugins To Have

I have many websites and often require to add wordpress plugins to make the site function better. There are opinions out there in cyberspace suggesting that you shouldn’t use any plugins. I am not of that belief. However, here are reasons why you may not want to use plugins with your website: – You don’t update them regularly, causing old … Read More

HART’s Tickmark Terminology

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I was standing over the shoulder watching somebody add up some sport statistics … and I said … “Don’t forget to Cross-Foot it!” He looked at me like I was nuts .. It was then that I remembered that not everybody is “#OldSchool” familiar with HART’s Tickmark Terminology (okay .. did you look? That phrase is not part of wikipedia.org … Read More

Business and Property Taxes – When To Accrue Prepaids and Accounts Payable

T.I.P.P. = Tax Instalment Payment Plan Generally here in our province of Manitoba, your property taxes are probably either due June 30th or October 31st .. depending if you live in the city or in the rural country. The city or municipality often offers you the option to pay your property taxes on a monthly basis, usually by automatic withdrawal … Read More

Top Five Petty Cash Fund Tips

Top Five Reasons Why A Business Might Want To Use A Petty Cash Fund 1) The owner does not have to be available 24 hours to write a cheque for every little expense all of the time 2) To have the ability to make change for your customer wanting to pay an invoice on account 3) To reimburse an employee … Read More

Monthly Accounting: HART’s Balance Sheet Approach

When I am preparing monthly financial statements, I often ask myself and my client the following question .. How Accurate Do You Really Need Your Monthly Financial Statements To Be? It’s all relative – Keep that in mind! As long as your monthly statements are consistently prepared and reasonably accurate, you should be able to better manage your business. You … Read More

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