Sharp EL2192RII Desktop Calculator


The Sharp EL2192RII Desktop Calculator is ideal for all your home and office calculating needs. It is recommended for accounting and bookkeeping any time you need to make a print out of your totals. With print and non-print settings, the Sharp Printing Calculator allows you to only print the calculations you want, saving paper. Dual-colored printing displays positive numbers in black and negative numbers in red. The Sharp Printing Calculator features a blue, fluorescent 12-digit display plus a punctuation display. The desktop printing calculator is large enough that it is easy to use but small enough to be convenient. <br>

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<b>Sharp EL2192RII Desktop Calculator:</b><ul><li>12-digit display</li><li>Ideal for accounting and bookkeeping</li><li>Positive numbers print in black and negative numbers print in red</li><li>Blue, fluorescent display shows punctuation</li><li>Prints on standard-size paper roll</li></ul>


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