Tassimo Cafe Collection Cappuccino Coffee, 14.72 oz


<p>The Tassimo Cafe Collection Cappuccino Coffee t-discs use smart technology. It allows you to enjoy this authentic beverage as often as you like. Discover the Tassimo Home System, the ultimate in taste and technology. Simply select your cup, insert your choice of t-disc and press the button. This Tassimo Coffee package weighs 14.72 oz. The innovative machine "reads" each encoded t disc, adjusting the temperature, time and amount of water to guarantee the quality of every single drop. Experience exceptional hot beverage variety with Tassimo. Choose your favorites to suit any mood. At the simple touch of a button, you can enjoy the Arabica beans coffee in this multi-pack of t discs. Each cup is freshly brewed to celebrate its true character and give you the taste you love. Maxwell House has joined with Tassimo here to create the Cafe Collection.</p>

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Use it with that system, which is sold separately. Look for other t-disc and Maxwell House Cafe Collection varieties. This cappuccino is a delicious mixture of espresso and milk. You will feel like you have been transported to an Italian cafe. The quick and easy brew system allows you to enjoy them anytime, whether it’s in the morning or afternoon. Experience the flavor for yourself with Tassimo Cafe Collection Cappuccino Coffee.<br><b>Tassimo Cafe Collection Cappuccino Coffee, 14.72 oz:</b><ul><li>8 t-discs in this package</li><li>Designed exclusively for the Tassimo Home System</li><li>Cappuccino coffee, individual servings, from Maxwell House</li><li>Tassimo Coffee, 14.72 oz, arabica bean espresso and milk</li><li>Simple and easy to make your own cappucino</li><li>Rich, balanced, flavorful hot beverages combine taste and technology</li><li>Look for more varieties (sold separately)</li></ul>


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