Tassimo Gevalia Kaffe Morning Roast Coffee, 4.3 oz


The Tassimo Gevalia Kaffe Morning Roast Coffee offers you a rich, satisfying taste. It is crafted from 100 percent Arabica beans. Each Tassimo T disc holds 4.3 oz of coffee and provides a balanced and full flavor. This java is made to be used with the Tassimo Single-Cup Home Brewing System, which is sold separately. Its rich blend is ideal for getting you up and going in the morning. The Tassimo Gevalia Kaffe Morning Roast Coffee is mild and easily brewed with just the push of a button. The single-serve cup lets you enjoy a wonderful serving of coffee anytime of day or night. Each and every Tassimo coffee disc is measured and then completely sealed so that the flavor stays locked in and the contents remain fresh. This pack of coffee comes with 14 servings and makes 12 fl oz from each single-serve cup.<br>

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<b>Tassimo Gevalia Kaffe Morning Roast Coffee:</b><ul><li>14 servings (12 fl oz)</li><li>Mild, yet rich in flavor</li><li>Made to produce a larger serving</li><li>Tassimo coffee disc is for the Tassimo Single-Cup Home Brewing System (sold separately)</li><li>Made from 100% Arabica coffee beans</li><li>Brewed with freshness to showcase the coffee’s true character</li><li>Rich flavor can be enjoyed anytime of day or night</li><li>Tassimo T disc, 4.3 oz, will get you up and going</li></ul>


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