Tassimo Maxwell House Cafe Collection Morning Blend Coffee, 14 ct


Enjoy delicious, classic flavor and quick, modern convenience with this mild roast Morning Blend Coffee from the Tassimo Maxwell House Cafe Collection. Compatible with single-serving makers that work with t-discs, this brew is a good choice for your daily wake up cup or for drinking throughout the day. Each Tassimo Coffee in this 14-count package features encoding that the compatible machine reads. Optimization of temperature, brewing time and quantity of water come together, ensuring that your favorite morning beverage comes out just the way you like it. Made with 100 percent high-quality Arabica beans, coffee from single serving packs is wonderfully aromatic and fresh tasting. The large 12-fluid ounce serving size allows you to fill a larger cup or travel mug. Offering the delicious taste of freshly ground beans while letting you take advantage of single-serve coffeemaker technology, morning blend coffee is just part of the Tassimo Maxwell House Cafe Collection.

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Try this flavor first and mix things up later with lattes, mochas, cappuccinos, espressos, and other beverage varieties that work with your compatible machine. Whether entertaining guests or simply enjoying a tasty beverage while greeting the day this 14-count package of mild roast Tassimo coffee makes life a little simpler.Perhaps you want to get out the door more quickly in the morning or want to enjoy the freshest beverages possible during busy workdays at the office. This delightful-tasting coffee from Tassimo offers a fast, simple solution that satisfies your needs. <br> <b><br>Tassimo Maxwell House Cafe Collection Morning Blend Coffee, 14-count:<br></b> <br><ul><li>Exclusively for the Tassimo Home System</li><li>14-count package of Tassimo coffee</li><li>Large 12 fl oz serving size</li><li>Mild roast Maxwell House coffee</li><li>Made with 100% Arabica beans</li></ul>


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